Autism Positive Living - Your way!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could be yourself without the fear of what would happen if you say the wrong thing or misunderstand what they’re saying? Or if you could have a go at something new or different knowing you’re with mates who have your back? Or maybe you want to learn how to connect with people in a way that lets you be yourself, no scripts or roleplaying? Well you can!! Autism Adventures is here to help you build an Autism Positive life, your way!

Autism Positive Social Groups

We say yes, to building social skills your way! That is why stimming is okay with us at our Autism Positive Social meet ups. It’s a safe place to be yourself and figure out friendship as you go.

Autism Positive Adventures

We're about engaging with life by doing things you want to do — Autism Positive tours and excursions for you and a couple of APP friends. We've been Go Karting, fossil and gem hunting, bear feeding, mixing it up with Pokemon fans at Supernova and training riding... The list goes on and on.

Autism Positive Independent Living Skills

We're about making the most of your talents and interests — Working with you one-on-one, and building your capacity to make the most of life. Whether it's getting your Learners permit, or preparing a well balanced meal or getting through High School, TAFE or Uni so you can stand on your own two feet. We're here to help you manage the hard parts on your way to success.

Other Services

At Autism Adventures we build services based on what you need. If you don't see what you are looking for here then contact us. We would be thrilled to find a way to help you achieve your highest hopes and dreams.