Supporting employment on the Autism Spectrum

We are also involved advocates for Autism Positive Employment and offer consulting services to a range business’s that improve their profits by successfully engaging employees that are on the Autism Spectrum.

We believe whole heartily in the philosophy of “leaning in” and getting involved! So If you have a need then contact us! Whether you’re on the Autism Spectrum or supporting someone who is, we would love the opportunity to find a way to help you meet your challenges head on and make the most of Autism Positive Living —Your way!

We are all about helping people on the Autism Spectrum find meaningful, paid employment.

Check out our factsheet to download you may find it useful. All the information comes from a visit to our Brisbane Social Group by the team at EPIC Assist. A BIG THANK YOU call out to Bill  (CEO) and Jessica (Regional Coordinator) for coming out to spend some time with us.

In this fact sheet we, Figuring out what employers want? Knowing this will give us the best chance of getting a job and keeping it.

Employers need to stay in business in order to make the money that pays your wage. You can help to keep them in business with the big four attributes in our fact sheet.

Please note Kwest4Learning is now called Autism Adventures

If you are interested in more: check out: Job tips for people with autism from EPIC Assist here

Further reading: It’s not about changing a person with autism by Bill Gamack.